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When I was in elementary, and junior high I was bullied. Teased and called mean names every day, pain was the only thing I felt. When being called these names, I begin to believe them. I felt like everyone was against me, not even my parents or siblings could help me defeat the hole I was sinking in. But one day I was introduced to my heavenly savior Jesus, and from that day on my life was never the same. My sisters one day had a very serious talk with me about God, and from this talk I finally understood that all this pain I was enduring can be taken away. My damaged heart could be mended, but this work could not just be done by anyone, nor could it be done overnight. So that day I decided to take my place in following Jesus, and living life for him and only him. Now I’m here three years later and life is better than it was, and now I can only become stronger by the power of faith, love, and courage.
“Your Different but very Unique!” Accept Who You Are!!
Don’t Be Shy—Let your beauty Shine!!
You are the Best!!
You add a different flavor to the world!
Don’t give up, the world needs you. I need you!

30 thoughts on “Different & Unique”

  1. I love the positivity of your story.Telling how you overcame your struggles by finding a savior in your Lord. I say keep inspiring your readers to stay positive to who you are beautiful, and go forward and be blessed.

  2. Aww I love hearing stuff like this happen and I’m so glad you found Jesus and you’re happy because if no one has your back God always do.

  3. So inspirational. This hit close to home, I feel like so many young girls feel the exact way you feel. I myself even feel like that and still till this day. Great Job, We Love a Queen!

  4. I liked it but, I never knew that you got bullied. It’s nice to hear someone coming to God and putting their life in his hands. Keep doing you and keep pushing. Don’t get caught up in this world.

  5. This truly touched my ❤ i love it. Keep up the good work and don’t never let anyone make you feel like your not good enough. Your beautiful jus like this blog

  6. Very, very powerful and strong. That is the reason why Jesus loves his children because of people just like you. This blog is so up lifting. I will keep it very close to my heart and remember it when I’m feel down. Thank you Destanie.

    1. Your so welcome ,and thank you for reading and giving feedback. I’m glad to hear that my blog will help you in rough times.

  7. Heey chomo i am so proud of you for sharing your inner thoughts that i had to laugh out loud boy oh boy
    you are making your daddy proud

  8. This is so awesome!! I’m glad you found god and applied it to your life! I want you to always remember to love yourself and when walking through life to keep your head up. You are a beautiful young lady and never let people tell you different!!
    I love you Destanie!!

    Step mom Sharee

    Keep shining baby girl

  9. Des this is beautiful and im very glad that you’ve decided to live for the man above ❤️ Keep being strong

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