Remembering A Music Genuis

Prince Roger Nelson was born June 7,1958 and That’s when the world knew it was changing.
This Poem is dedicated to the “Purple One”.

Eye for an Eye
Purple sprayed in the sky
April it snows and Dinner with Delores you chose
The cherry moon we were under and you said I need another lover
Do I want to be your lover
with a simple Kiss
For you
I would climb a mountain with a Raspberry Beret
The little Red Corvette we drove into 1999
Bruce Wayne did the Batdance while you were partyman
Diamond and Pearl caress your body telling me Baby I’m a Star
As you said the beautiful ones always smash the picture
The 7 is sacred
The Thieves in the Temple took you
And in April it snowed
Prince We love you and forever you’ll know

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